These are most of the projects I've worked on that have been tracked using Git.

The ones made before I learned version control are only memories...

  1. My solutions for competitive programming problems from various competitions in Canada and practice online

    C++ 10

  2. A 100% customizable live album art and music display

    JavaScript 8

  3. A dynamic website for hosting online hackathons and events

    JavaScript 6

  4. My game submission, PRECURSOR, to the 46th Ludum Dare game development competition. You can play upon visiting the link provided.

    C# 5

  5. Automatic advanced watermark producing tool. Uses randomized image distortion and placement to circumvent new machine learning approaches which automatically strip watermarks from images.

    Python 5

  6. A zalgo text generator for the command line and UNIX pipeline.

    C++ 5

  7. My team's submission for the Python Discord 2020 Summer Code Jam (Talented Tigers)

    Python 4

  8. None

    C++ 3